How a teddy can be a part of his life

How a teddy can be a part of his life

Your little one is growing so fast. Take the time to live every step of his life with him and his Brodali friend.

We can be there right from his birth to quickly become a reassuring and recognized element of his decor and world. There to help discover textures thanks to the fur softer than clouds, little or large ears and perfect arms for cuddles and peek-a-boos. A stimulating friend with colours and softness as well as a welcome distraction during tummy-time.

Tell funny stories to your child about his friend. Brodali teddies all have a distinct personality that can help you make choices about the stories, but they can be personalized so your child can identify himself better to the friend. Our elephants like to fly around with their large ears when they have a friend to adventure with, but can also hide behind them if their friend is very timid.

Whenever your child reaches the age of 2-3, the imaginary world has an important place in their development. Pretend and role play, invent stories and new names with his teddy and him. Manipulating teddies to dress them up or give them a cuppa tea will also help with their motor skills.

His friend can also reassure him in difficult moments that can be hard to understand. Talking in his own words to his stuffie, attributing emotions or behaviour that he doesn't understand or know how to manage can be beneficial and will help them understand the world better.

When he'll be older, moments shared with you and his Brodali teddy will be precious and funny souvenirs to talk about together. He might even have been involved in completing the history and personality of his friend.



(The text was written in the masculine form to simplify reading)