Newborn baby gift ideas

    Here is a quick list of newborn gift ideas as well as baby gift ideas for 0-12 month olds. 
    1. Personalized teddy bear with a note of who it's from, available from Brodali; 
    2. Soft blanket with an name or initials embroidery, also from Brodali; 
    3. Bath products (products for sensitive skin, face cloths, towel); 
    4. Clothing, a few sizes too big (e.g.: 12 month old clothes at birth, 2T at 12 months, etc); 
    5. Memory book or photo album so mom and dad can note all important moments of baby's life; 
    6. Wooden blocks;
    7. Soft books that are perfect for the bath;
    8. Teething toys;
    9. Stacking toys;
    10. Play mat;
    11. Vibrating or rocking chair;
    12. Little tags lovey;
    13. For a baptism: my first illustrated bible;
    14. Bedroom decoration with a hand or foot print of baby;
    15. Jewelry, chain with a cross or heart, can be engraved; 
    16. Night light;
    17. Bath toys;
    18. Personalized book or classics;
    19. Activity table. We loved ours for many years, try and take one that can have some legs off so you can use it inclinated for a while; 
    20. Bath toys: everything that involves pouring water can be fascinated for a child;
    21. Push and pull toys;
    22. Growth chart;
    23. Wooded puzzles, take the ones with a small handle; 
    24. Car seat cover;
    25. Animal lovey from Brodali.