Montreal the Moose - JUMBO



This Canadian friend is a big (huge) fan of maple syrup! He won't be satisfied with only one plate of pancakes, he'll eat the whole batch. Let him tell you folk stories and cuddle to his soft fur that will remind you of the frosted forests where he comes from. His big boy antlers are perfect for little hands that will want to carry him everywhere for new adventures. 20 inches high when sitting for more fun and cuddles.

Montreal Moose is also available as a regular size (12 inches) or a backpack.

Please include all the information that you would like stitched in the text box that appears, if you would like changes to the template or something else special embroidered, mention that in the text box also. All customers will be sent an email previewing their design before it is embroidered, you can still make adjustments after checkout.

This plush is machine washable and has pods of stuffing that can be removed with a zipper.

No accessory included.

Customer Reviews

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Merci Super toutou

Je suis très satisfaite de l'orignal jumbo. Le ptit l'aimera sûrement quand il sera en âge de comprendre :) la grandeur jumbo est simplement parfait. La texture du toutou est trop doux hihihi ne lâchez pas votre belle entreprise, jen suis plus que satisfaite. Le refaire pour une autre bébé c'est vous que je prend assurement et meme que si quelquun souhaite faire faire ca, cest a vous que je vais le référer :)


Très beau produit déjà 3 achats fait avec eux !