Stuffed girafe - Toutou giraffe
teddy girafe - peluche giraffe
Stuffed custom girafe - Toutou giraffe personnalisée
Stuffed girafe long neck - Toutou giraffe long cou
Sault Ste-Marie the Giraffe - Plush $54.95: girafe giraffe peluche personnalisee personalized gift toutou

Sault Ste-Marie the Giraffe

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She's the professional spy's best friend. Her long neck allows her to see everything! No murmur will escape her good ears and her gorgeous yellow colour will distract at the right moment. However, don't be fooled by her serious face, she also loves soft kisses.

- Measures 12 inches / 30cm sitting.
- The embroidery templates can be modified, simply mention it in the text box. 
- Don't forget to approve the design proof that will be sent by email 2-3 business days after ordering. 
- No accessory (bows, bow tie, etc) included. Shipping and embroidery included. 
- Very easily washable.
- Made by Cubbies, embroidered by Brodali.

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