Blue bunny - lapin bleu cubbies
Stuffed bunny blue - lapin bleu toutou
teddy bunny blue - lapin bleu peluche
Stuffed bunny blue - lapin bleu toutou
birth stats bunny blue - lapin bleu infos naissance
birth announcement bunny blue - lapin bleu naissance

Albany the Bunny - Blue

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Albany the Bunny is an adventurer and loves to learn new jokes. With his sister, Albany Pink they traveled far and wide to find unique pieces of fabric to match their corduroy fur. He's always ready for a laughter competition and will chase away any frown.

- The embroidery templates can be modified, simply mention it in the text box. 
- Don't forget to approve the design proof that will be sent by email 2-3 business days after ordering. 
- No accessory (bows, bow tie, etc) included. Shipping and embroidery included. 
- Very easily washable.
- Made by Cubbies, embroidered by Brodali.

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