Loveys are the perfect match to our teddies.  Security blankets can be used from birth and when personalized, it will become their best friend.

They are square and measure approximately 13 inches.

First name embroidery included in price.

  • Brown Bear - Lovey
    Brown Bear - Lovey $29.95CAD
  • Burnaby the Bunny - Lovey
    Burnaby the Bunny - Lovey Out of stock
  • Lovey lamb first name - Doudou agneau prénom
    Lamb Lovey with Custom Embroidery $29.95CAD
  • Monkey Lovey - Blankey - doudou singe
    Monkey Lovey $29.95CAD
  • Moose Blankie Set
    Moose Blankie Set $38.95CAD
  • Pink Unicorn Lovey - doudou licorne rose
    Pink Unicorn Lovey Out of stock
  • Doudou licorne blanche - White unicorn lovey
    Victoria The White Unicorn Lovey $29.95CAD