Minky Blankets that are cute and smooth. They can all be embroidered with your choice of design.
  • Minky Blanket Monkeys - couverture singes
    Monkeys Blanket $44.95CAD
  • Trucks & Tractors
    Trucks & Tractors $44.95CAD
  • Personalized blanket with roses - Couverture brodée avec roses
    Roses $44.95CAD
  • Teal Blanket Arrows - Couverture turquoise flèches
    Arrows $44.95CAD
  • Cupcakes & Birds
    Cupcakes & Birds $44.95CAD
  • Blanket foxes personalized - Couverture renards personnalisée
    Foxes $44.95CAD
  • Purple Blanket Unicorns - couverture mauve licornes
    Unicorns $44.95CAD
  • Blanket - forrest orange - couverture - forêt
    Forrest $44.95CAD
  • Pandas minky blanket personalized - Couverture brodée avec pandas
    Pandas Blanket $44.95CAD
  • Jungle
    Jungle $44.95CAD
  • Pink Blanket polar bears - couverture rose ours polaires
    Polar Bear Cotton $42.95CAD
  • Turquoise Minky and Forest Pattern Blanket - Blanket $44.95: couverte couverture doudou oiseau
    Deer Cotton Out of stock
  • Blanket whales navy - couverture baleines bleu marin
    Whales Cotton Out of stock
  • Hot Air Balloons
    Hot Air Balloons Out of stock
  • Flowers blanket - couverture fleurs
    Cotton Floral $42.95CAD
  • Llamas Blanket
    Llamas Blanket $44.95CAD
  • jumbo blanket arrows - couverture flèches
    Jumbo blanket - Arrows $76.95CAD
  • Jumbo blanket - Trucks
    Jumbo blanket - Trucks $76.95CAD